Top 10 Effective Recruitment Methods

Top 10 Effective Recruitment Methods

Recruitment is a process of identifying and attracting job seekers and gathering information on qualified applicants. It usually involves establishing an effective recruitment method or methods for searching for applicants, screening applications, and evaluating candidates. Your recruitment process should be maximized and streamlined in order to attract and select the most competent candidates.

1. Online Job Boards

Online job boards are one of the most common methods of recruitment strategies. Indeed is a big player boasting over 200 million unique visitors every month across  60 different countries.

Online Job Boards remain very popular especially for positions that require a large number of vacancies to be filled and are suitable for advertising both professional and skilled roles. Another behemoth is Monster Jobs which has multiple sites tailored to different continents and markets.

Some Online Job Boards also have a dual purpose and act as review sites for candidates to read about companies before applying. Our favorite is Glassdoor, here candidates can read salary information, workplace culture information and digest reviews from current and previous employees.

Online Job Boards can be quite costly depending on which package you purchase and how much reach you want your posts to achieve. You can reach many candidates across a broad geographical area which is great for hiring remote workers. On the other hand, job boards are not always great for sourcing candidates in the local area.

2. Agencies

When you have a high number of vacancies to fill or a high turnover of staff then you may find that an effective recruitment method would be to outsource your mass recruitment so as to keep the cost down and to improve the efficiency of your recruitment process.

Using agencies and headhunters is also a great idea for finding candidates who are very specialized in their fields, hard to find due to market shortages and are in the mid-senior job bracket.

Headhunters have vast networks in an array of niches and industries and can help keep your vacancy confidential. However most companies are reluctant to use agencies due to the high cost associated with specific searches for one to a couple of candidates.

3. Internal Recruitment

A company that cares about its people will look primarily within its organization when beginning a search. The advantages are that you can motivate your employees to perform well so they are eligible for promotion, save time on training rather than having to train and onboard a completely new person. Internal recruitment also helps stimulate competitiveness and performance within teams. Therefore, a good effective recruitment method is to promote and transfer employees before looking outside for new recruits.

4. Re-employment

Not every departure of an employee is treated as a personal separation. Most of the time, this departure makes sense for both parties, and it occurs without any hard feelings. Some companies even have a one-year re-employment policy without having to go through an interview process again.

5. Recommendations 

Companies not only trust their employees to know the right people in the same field they also encourage employees to recommend people who may be suitable, most offer rewards for successful hires. This recruitment process works well as it is reasonably cheap for the company and it motivates workers to find people they would like to work with.

6. Out-of-home & Print Advertising

You could print out flyers and distribute them in local shops and cafes. You could even take out printed ads in magazines and newspapers. This is an effective recruitment method but it all depends on where your target market is hanging out. While some ads are suitable for display on the street or on transportation, most candidates want to be able to find ads online. Online ads are cheaper than OHA and print advertising, they are also easier to automate and can be tracked and analyzed more effectively. 

7. Job Fairs

Job fairs are still an excellent way to attract staff and meet potential employees suitable for your organization when there is no pandemic interrupting human contact. It’s an essential recruitment strategy as they allow employers and candidates to get in direct touch with potential employees and open up detailed dialogues. This can help overcome objections and can show that your company is consultative and caring.

8. Databases

Sometimes, things don’t happen when they should, people don’t get hired when they should, or they are not qualified when they apply. However your circumstances or a candidate’s circumstances can change at any time. Never delete applications and candidate information. For every opening you should check your database and contact previous candidates, ask for referrals to other candidates and gather intelligence.  If the candidate says that they will be looking to make a move in 4 months then you can contact them again in four months.

9. Social Networks

Social Networks are probably the most effective recruitment method and common way to recruit from entry level to middle management. First of all, LinkedIn is a social network designed exactly for the professional environment. Both companies and employees are building profiles that they can constantly update and improve. This means the data is forever being updated.

Companies can post jobs, contact candidates, and gather intelligence. Facebook also offers the opportunity for business pages to post jobs and allows users to apply, the application process can be fully customized by you, the employer. Ads can be run on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms. You can even target group members for increased accuracy.

10. Xpand Ops. 

At Xpand Ops. we recommend that you use all of the methods discussed in this article as part of your ‘recruitment mix’. Find the most effective strategies for your company and then optimize the process. However, if you do not have the time, would like to save money and find good quality candidates we can help you with your recruitment process to search, attract, qualify and schedule interviews. We offer this service as part of our Elite Plan but we also offer it as a single service. You can meet with us today to learn more about how we can help streamline your operations.