Low Cost Social Media Marketing

In today’s fiercely competitive online business landscape, any business or organisation must understand that social media marketing is no longer a mere choice, but an absolute necessity. This holds especially true for small businesses and medium sized businesses who are fighting to be competitive across multiple channels and across a variety of markets.

But let’s talk about you! Social Media can help you achieve remarkable long term success without breaking the bank. The content showcased on your social media pages holds significant influence, as it plays a pivotal role in determining whether your website visitors will choose to stay engaged , build a relationship with your business, learn more about your value or just move on to the next choice.

Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of social media marketing compared to traditional methods like radio, print media, and television makes it an indispensable tool for small businesses and startups.

What we are best at!

At Xpand Ops. we have harnessed the power of creative thinking and innovation in social media marketing, enabling us to offer low-cost social media marketing services tailored to your business needs. Our main goal is to reduce your risk and return you amazing results through our engaging & exciting daily social media posts, which will captivate your current and future customers, increase brand visibility, and foster higher levels of interaction. Inform, entertain, advise, introduce, persuade, educate, build rapport, inspire, instruct, motivate… whilst driving traffic and sales.

700+ Customers trust our low cost social media marketing services!

Why choose our low cost social media marketing services?

As a business, you are well aware of the crucial need to effectively reach your target audience at the right time and place for a successful engagement to take place. Since a substantial portion of your potential customers already reside on social media platforms, opting for low cost social media marketing services can significantly facilitate the growth of your online following.

At Xpand Ops. our low cost social media management services ensure top-notch content tailored to your specific business requirements. We guarantee regular sharing of your custom-made content across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

By availing our services, you can liberate yourself from the stress of deciding what and when to post.

The advantages of our low cost social media marketing services extend to numerous aspects of your business growth:

1. Maintain a strong social media presence with the consistent posting of new and informative content.

2. Experience an improved social media engagement rate through regular content sharing.

3. A well-planned media content strategy positively impacts your sales.

4. Sharing quality information helps foster trust and credibility with your customer base.

Our services are exceptionally cost-effective when compared to other advertising tools and other supplier especially when taking into account our exception quality assurance standards.

With our low cost social media marketing services, you can effectively enhance your business’s online presence and drive success in a budget-friendly manner.


Of all users with internet access use social media.

Let’s do the math!
The Average Social Media Manager’s Salary In the USA.

$4,593 (per month)
Plus you would have to pay for tools $174, office space, sick leave etc.)

Xpand Ops.
= $209/month


No Stress & Maximum Impact

Their graphic design skills are modern and we can see the difference in impressions since working with Xpand ops.

Very good value and they are quite flexible when it comes to helping us hit targets. Would highly recommend them.

Been working with them now for 4 months and we have managed to get more referrals from followers to our website and Facebook page.

Benefits of Opting for Low Cost Social Media Marketing Services:

By choosing our services, you can say goodbye to the burden of managing social media on your own or hiring a full-time employee for the task. Here are the advantages you’ll enjoy with our packages:

Enhanced SEO Rankings

Our marketing experts meticulously plan your social media posts to boost your SEO rankings. This ensures that when users search for your brand on Google, they are presented with top-notch social media content.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Active engagement with your target audience on social media platforms fosters customer preference for your small business. By sharing educational content that adds value to customers, you can foster increased customer loyalty.

Streamlined Social Media Marketing Process

Leave the complexities of social media management to us, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business. We handle the intricate content generation process, leaving you with simpler tasks like reviewing monthly reports and addressing customer inquiries.

Dedicated Social Media Manager

When you partner with Xpand Ops. we assign a dedicated social media manager to cater to all your content needs. This expert will design your social media content and maintain constant communication throughout the project.

Well-Planned Strategy

The success of your social media marketing campaign lies in a well-crafted strategy. We involve you in the planning process, discussing your social media goals, long-term vision, content preferences, and more. Our approach includes comprehensive research on competitors’ strategies, current trends, and your target audience’s behaviors, resulting in a precise monthly content calendar that seamlessly aligns with your overall marketing activities.

Reputation Management

We understand that building a loyal social media following involves fostering an interactive community. Our team takes charge of developing relationships on your behalf to strengthen your brand’s reputation. From engaging with potential influencers and partners to addressing messages, feedback, and comments, we safeguard your brand’s reputation as if it were our own, building trust and loyalty among your target audience.

Fresh and Informative Content

Content remains the focal point of any social media marketing campaign. Based on thorough research, we create engaging content that resonates with your customers. Our approach involves a mix of staged photography, organic shots, and user-generated pictures, striking the right balance between professionalism and relatability.

Expert Analytics

For social media to yield fruitful results, precise data and analytics are essential. Our team generates detailed monthly and quarterly reports, examining various metrics such as shares, likes, clicks, impressions, and more. This comprehensive analysis helps us identify what’s working, what needs improvement, and how to optimize resource utilization effectively.

Network and build partnerships without moving a muscle!

Unique & Interesting

Social Media Posts
Created & Posted Daily

90% of consumers find social content useful, 78% believe that organizations providing content want to build good relationships with them.

(Source: Demand Metric)

Our service is completely hassle free across all your social channels.

Scheduling & Posting

We handle all the scheduling across all your accounts, so rest assured your followers will receive updates at the times they are more likely to see it. We schedule and post on specific or multiple social media platforms at the right time for you by using cutting-edge technology, saving you time and effort by streamlining your content distribution process, ensuring a consistent brand presence across various platforms.

Eye Catching Designs

Our designers love to create new and unique ideas which fit your brand and your goals. Customized and visually appealing graphics featuring your brand’s logo, fonts, colours and style! Reinforcing your brand’s identity, establishing brand recognition, and creating consistent and professional visual presences across your company’s preferred social media platforms.

Catchy Captions

Compelling and attention-grabbing captions, capturing audience interest, encouraging click-throughs, and driving higher levels of audience engagement and response.

Relevant Hashtags

Strategic use of industry-specific, brand, location..etc. hashtags. Increasing discoverability, expanding reach to the target audience across different feeds, groups and threads, enhancing visibility and exposure of your social media posts.

Social Page Creation & Optimization

We create pages but we also optimize every area of a page to establish a brand’s identity, building credibility, and engaging with customers. We keep pages fresh and updated, this also benefits SEO. A well-branded social page enhances brand recall and fosters a sense of professionalism, making it more likely for followers to engage and in due course convert into customers.

Trackable Short Links

Condensed, customizable links make your posts cleaner,  more visually appealing, allowing for customization and branding opportunities. Ability to track link clicks, conversions & engagement metrics providing valuable insights into audience behavior, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Other Duties

1. Full optimization of tools, chat bots, plugins, integrations and funnels.
2. Events & Competition Management
Engage your users to interact with every post and share with their networks.
3. We can also post polls and we post your blog articles. All our services interlink to offer a 360 degree point of contact with your audience.

24/7 Community Management Admin & Replies

Even when you are sleeping we are working. We manage your FB groups to keep your users happy, uphold your rules and answer questions about your products and services. We reply to every comment and message as it happens. We remove spam and negatives and preset your call to action.

Monthly Account Planning

Your driven Account Manager will provide the best overall content strategy taking into competitors, new ideas and industry trends. They will also implement A/B testing and optimize your strategies accordingly.

Account Management

Your driven Account Manager will invite your for regular catch-ups where you can discuss your Online Reviews, SEO. Analysis and your monthly analytics report. Besides from discussing performance, traffic and activities. They will also discuss offline Strategies to support online activities.

4 SEO. Optimised
Blog Articles Every Month

Join the club!

72% of businesses believe that Blog Content increases engagement and leads.

(Source: Content Marketing Institute)

All our plans include article writing!

Keyword Research Strategic Optimization

Thorough research is vital, research for us covers 3 areas: keywords, competitors and subject matter. Our unified research process forms the bedrock of improving search engine visibility and increasing organic traffic.

High-Quality and Engaging Content

Well-researched and informative, enhancing reader experience, encouraging longer time on pages, establishing credibility, and increasing the likelihood of social sharing, backlinking and approaching you for business.

SEO-Friendly Formatting

Benefit from industry best practices including proper heading structures, meta tags, and keyword placements, optimizing content for search engine crawlers, improving indexing, and increasing the chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Internal and External Linking

Reap the benefits of the tactical inclusion of relevant internal and external links, boosting website authority, improving user navigation, enhancing SEO signals and rankings. naturally we only link to credible, high domain authority content.

Targeted Content for User Intent

Writing helpful content for your business that aligns with user search intent, Increasing buyer knowledge, learning satisfaction, and confidence in your company when shopping the market. We target specific audience segments who are at different stages of the buying journey. However they all have one thing in common, they are looking for what you offer at the time of reading your content.

Original, Unique & Referenced Content

Creating original and plagiarism-free human blog content, Building trust and credibility with readers and search engines, improving website authority, and reducing your risk of penalties from search engines.

Evergreen Content Creation

Developing timeless and long term ROI. blog content. Ensuring long-term value and relevance, attracting ongoing heavy organic traffic, continuing to generate leads and conversions over time.

Data-Driven & Fact Based Content Pieces

Using data, analytics and facts to craft you more informative content, Improving your content performance and persuading your readers authoritatively and by no means in a pushy way. We use google questions to answer what the prospect wants to know.

Professional Content Writing Skills

Highly skilled at writing in both British & American English. Understanding the importance of tone, purpose, target audience, formality, nuances and connecting with the reader on a personal level. They create compelling arguments and call to actions.

200+ Professional Industry Content Writers

What sets us apart is our specific business, industry and marketing knowledge. We have built a network of over 200 in-house and writers and designers who have vast experience in different industries.

Educate today’s savvy buyers!

Low Cost Social Media Marketing Services
by Xpand Ops.

We are delighted to present our budget-friendly social media marketing services designed to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Our packages start low and encompass major social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube!

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn stands as the most popular platform among 500 million professionals and decision-makers worldwide. With our cost-effective social media marketing services, you can effortlessly target the educated audience aged over 25.

Instagram Marketing Services

For the younger audience, Instagram reigns as the trendiest social media network. Many young customers discover new products and services on Instagram, making it a massive opportunity for businesses. Our inclusive marketing campaign can boost your likes and followers on this platform.

Pinterest Marketing Services

Leverage Pinterest to showcase your products and reach nearly 400 million consumers. A significant number of people use Pinterest to explore new services and products, making it ideal for female-centric advertising campaigns.

Facebook Marketing Services

Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most popular social media network worldwide, providing a vast audience for businesses across various industries. At Xpand Ops. we can help you harness the power of Facebook to grow your brand’s reach and drive high-quality traffic to your website.

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter, with its 330 million active users, can significantly boost your brand’s recognition. Through our cost-effective social media marketing services, we build customer relationships and trust on Twitter, utilizing hashtags and trending topics to reach new audiences and raise brand awareness.

All our low cost social media marketing services revolve around enhancing your social media platforms with top-notch and informative content, complementing your team’s efforts and time.

For your convenience, we offer tailored packages to suit the needs of small businesses, startups and medium sized enterprises. Join hands and start a love train with our team of professionals to develop high-quality, targeted content that your audience will cherish. With prices so low and results so high, you should get started today! Schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

Social & Blog Content
Growth Plans!

Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel Anytime (but you won’t want to!)

All Prices are in US. Dollars, for prices in your local currency please ask us.

$ 209 .00/Mo.

Premium Plan
Zero Setup Fees

  • 30 Unique & Interesting Social Media Posts
    • Catchy Captions
    • Branded Graphics
    • Advanced Targeting
    • Trackable Links
    • Relevant Hashtags
  • Scheduling & Posting across 2 platforms
    • Facebook
    * Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Google My Business

  • Monthly Ongoing Planning
    • Content Strategy
    * Competitor Research
  • Account Management
    • Driven Account Manager
    * Analytics Reports
    • Technology & Licences
    • Strategy Meeting
  • SEO. Optimised Content Writing
    • Article 1 – 500 Words
$ 429 .00/Mo.

Deluxe Plan
Zero Setup Fees

  • 30 Unique & Interesting Social Media Posts
    • Catchy Captions
    • Branded Graphics
    • Advanced Targeting
    • Trackable Links
    • Relevant Hashtags
  • Scheduling & Posting across 4 platforms
    • Facebook
    * Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Google My Business
    • Pinterest
    • Tik Tok
  • Monthly Ongoing Planning
    • Content Strategy
    * Competitor Research
    • SEO Analysis & Keywords
    • Online Review Analysis
    • Offline Strategies
  • Account Management
    • Driven Account Manager
    * Analytics Reports
    • Technology & Licences
    • Strategy Meeting
    20% off all other services
  • SEO. Optimised Content Writing
    → Article 1 – 1000 words
    → Article 2 – 1000 words
    → Article 3 – 1000 words
    → Article 4 – 1000 words

Xpand Ops. Quality Guarantee Protected


Absolutely not, you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time.
Due to our competitive price, we are unable to offer a free trial. You will not find a free trial for this kind of service anywhere.
However, if you are unsatisfied with our service please tell your Account Manager within 7 days and they will refund your investment.
Yes you can you can do this via our platform or better still please contact your Account Manager.
Yes sure we can help you with this as part of your package, when you meet your Account Manager please tell them and they will make it happen.
You will have an Account Manager who will be your contact person. Account Managers are very well skilled marketing consultants from the USA and the UK. They work alongside a Social Media Content Specialist who will be responsible for writing, designing, scheduling and organizing your strategy.

Your Account Manager and Social Media Content Specialist will complete in-depth research into your market, industry, products, services and competitors.
Sure, all posts will be delivered to you before we schedule them.
Of course, you can still post to your own accounts, we can help you with other scheduling please reach out to your Account Manager and they will be only to happy to help you.
Sure, we offer other services including web development, please discuss this with us after scheduling a meeting.
Special Offers

1. Clients who are subscribed to the Deluxe plan (monthly or yearly) get 20% discount on all additional services.

2. Clients who choose to subscribe to a yearly plan (paid upfront), Get one month free:

Premium Plan – Save $209

Deluxe Plan – Save $418

To purchase a yearly plan, get in contact with an account manager and they will help you out.